2017 Year in Review: Learning Agriculture!

It’s Fatima here from @EnablingMinds board of directors with some “growing” changes to our classroom in Haiti! As part of a new curriculum, in 2016-2017 our students began learning about agriculture and ways to sustain our environment by planting seeds of hope and love to blossom, with their big brothers and sisters at the St. Charles Borromeo school campus.


Albane Students 14


The Haitian economy is dependent on subsistence agriculture as a means of survival. However, growing rural pressures, natural calamities and adverse climate change are great barriers to sustainable agriculture. It brings us great joy to know that our students are taking initiatives to help and contribute to their environment in their own unique and inspiring way!

Albane Students 15

These tiny plants bring them so much happiness and give them a sense of responsibility and hope amongst an uncertain future and environment!