A Desire To Help

“Special Olympics Haiti is really thankful to Tarik Khan, a nurse practitioner who used to coach Special Olympics athletes in The U.S.A. . With the desire to help the many children that live with intellectual disabilities, he will start a class for teaching them. Special Olympics Haiti retains this from Tarik: “My passion for people with intellectual disabilities began in high school with the Special Olympics Spring Games in Philadelphia. I worked with the athletes who were involved in the motor activity training program (MATP). When I was in nursing school, I continued with Special Olympics Philadelphia, and I became an assistant swimming coach for several years in Montgomery County, PA. In graduate school at La Salle University, I focused my studies on the health care needs of populations with intellectual disabilities. When I was handed my degree on the day I graduated La Salle University, I told Dr. Tim Shriver, Chairman and CEO of Special Olympics that I was a coach, and how much I appreciated all of his work with the intellectually disabled community around the world.”

by Georges Bony, National Sport Director for Special Olympics Haiti. Originally published by Special Olympics International, May 28, 2013.


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