PRESS RELEASE: April 18, 2012

“Enabling Minds” to send first fact-finding delegation to Haiti

Philadelphia, PA, April 18, 2012 – “Enabling Minds,” a newly established group of enthusiasts whose mission is to improve the lives of the intellectually disabled in underserved countries by promoting tolerance and understanding, announced today their first mission trip to Haiti.

“Our goal is to seek sustainable solutions through medical, vocational, and emotional support, while enabling concerned volunteers and stakeholders to collaborate in empowering our targeted individuals”, said member Mary Wagner, an attorney from Philadelphia based law firm Marshall, Dennehey, Wagner, Coleman & Goggin. “In the US we strive to help these individuals by providing effective infra-structure and support. Unfortunately, in emerging countries these people fall outside the scope of most NGO’s. These circumstances leave an unfortunate shortfall that we hope to help rectify.”

Ms. Wagner will leave for Port au Prince on May 1st with Tarik Khan, a family nurse practitioner consultant who works exclusively with the IDD population in Washington DC with Liberty Healthcare, together with Marco Barbesta, a public relations professional from the Lehigh Valley area with over a decade of experience in humanitarian projects in Haiti. Their trip’s goals are centered on investigating what’s being currently done in Haiti to support individuals with IDD and ascertaining what effective actions “Enabling Minds” could take to enhance such support.

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