Enabling Minds’ Students Celebrate Carnaval!

Carnival 2016 3Last month, Enabling Minds’ students with disabilities and their big brothers/big sisters joined together one morning to enjoy the Haitian holiday of Carnaval! To begin the day, the children and their big siblings watched the inspirational French film “All Our Strength.” This movie, based on a true story, tells the story of a child named Julian who uses a wheelchair for ambulation. Julian challenges his father to compete with him in the grueling Ironman Triathlon in Nice, France. In the film, the entire family rallies around the father and son so that they can achieve this incredibly challenging feat.

All Our Strength
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The students and their big siblings enjoyed “All Our Strength.” We showed this film to teach the students and their big brothers and sisters the unlimited possibilities of persons with disabilities, and that great potential can result when they work together. This movie was primer for this weekend, the first weekend of March 2016, when the children and their big siblings will join hand in hand to complete in a race in the community!
After the film, clad in fancy masks and white dress, the students with disabilities and their big brothers/sisters participated in Carnaval! The school-wide Carnaval celebration consisted of dances, songs and music by the students in the schoolyard, and was presented for their families, who looked on with pride.

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By the smiles on the children’s faces, it was clear that the students were delighted to share the day with their big brothers/big sisters and their families. It was beautiful to see moments of collaboration and unity after the Carnaval program that day, and to see the growing between Enabling Minds’ students and their big brothers and sisters!

How You Can Help. . . 
Enabling Minds’ students at St. Charles Borromeo School are completely funded through donations. A donation of $25 will sponsor a student’s education for one month, and $300 will sponsor the education of a student for the entire year. We still have 16 students who need to be funded so they can complete the school year! All donations are 100% tax deductible and any amount is greatly appreciated. Help us give the gift of an education to a student in need!

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